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25 May 2010 @ 11:16 pm

118 icons.
- 40% misc/quote icons
- 50% beautiful boy / male model icons
- 8% smoking icons
- with 2% hint of male homosexuality  (:

today is the tomorrow you were promised yesterday.Collapse )






(i'm not sorry) there's nothing to save

i don't know... i really like this one. (:

spring keeps you ever close. you are second-hand smoke. Collapse )

25 November 2008 @ 06:39 pm

no, we're not in love.
by ~throwingtomatos on deviantART

Yeah. Did in, like, a day two hours.
Coloured pencils are so much easier to colour in. :)
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Fandom: Naruto
Subject: Naruto x Sasuke
Title: I'm Bleeding, and I'm Heartless, but I'm Yours.
Notes: 16 songs, and one heck of another long title. xD Slight sexual references, BL, but not as much angst! ... :O
Music: Includes works from Sherwood, the Rocket Summer, Jamisonparker, and various different others.


Medium: Anime/Manga
Fandom: Naruto
Subject: Naruto & Sasuke
Title: You're My Keepsake, My Friend, and My Fears
Notes: I love all of my FSTs, but this may be one of my favourites. ^^
... And it might also be my last NaruSasu one for some time.
Music: Punk/Pop, Electronic, Alternative, Acoustic, Emo

22 April 2008 @ 09:41 am


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Medium: Manga/Anime
Fandom: Naruto
Subject: Naruto/Sasuke
Title: You Know That I Can Still Bleed
Warnings: Shounen-ai (boy-love), and angst. ^^
Notes: 4th NaruSasu FST - am I ever going to get tired of doing this?! xD

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Medium: Anime/Manga
Fandom: Naruto
Subject: Naruto/Sakura
Title: Stop Me and Steal My Breath
Warnings: het! D: None, really.

You're a part-time lover and a full-time friend...Collapse )</td></tr></tbody></table></div>
17 February 2008 @ 06:29 pm
The lightning awakes, and the dream breaks,
The sky is so black, but it shines out like stars,
No wind, no breeze, it still feels cold,
Where are you? I long to hear those words.
It's darkness but you cannot see,
The mirror reflecting my tears.

My life is spilt blood and silent tears,
Every minute, a fraction falls and breaks,
Only when I close my eyes, can I see,
The answer written in the stars.
I know that those unsaid words
Will save me from this bitter cold.

I finally meet you, no more am I cold.
How long did it take? I cannot stop my tears.
You promise you'll tell me those words,
The shadow surrounding me breaks,
And we can watch the stars,
Burning brightly, everyone will see.

Vivid, intricate patterns, I see
No more am I stuck out in the cold.
Every moment seems as bright as stars
And my face isn't stained with tears.
You call me again as the dawn breaks,
Again, I am lost for words.

Day after day, I crave those words,
Sweeter and sweeter, I want you to see.
This cannot last forever, it crumbles and breaks
And comes tumbling down, a flood of cold.
The dread enters my hearts in tears,
Your scream echoes in the stars.

Time doesn't stop for death, and neither do stars,
Your throat sticks with those words,
Your eyes damp with your tears.
I was delirious and I couldn't see
How your hands had become so cold.
It has ended, and the mirror around me breaks.

No longer will I watch the stars, no longer will I see,
Those unspoken words on your lips will haunt me cold,
So I stop these tears, and my heart breaks.

{ Loosely based around the theme of Romeo and Juliet.
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04 February 2008 @ 08:46 am
What's your guilty pleasure?
Yeah. Fanfiction... yaoi...
Oh, and James Blunt.